How to choose a suitable solar warning light?

When you want to buy a solar warning light, are you confused by the thousands of different models with different appearance, colors, and parameters?

Do you know the differences between them?

Do you know how to choose a suitable one quickly?

Ask the following 7 questions, will help you get a right solar warning light.

1.  What is your application? For security warning or for decoration?

2. Where will you install the lights? Is the place near river, lake, or sea? Is the  environment  have any special extreme conditions? Such as high humidity, high salinity or very cold.

3. Which working mode do you need? Steady or flashing? If flashing, how about the flash rate?

4. Which color do you need?

5. How far of the visual distance?

6. Do you have any requirements about the water-proof grade?

7. How long the working time do you want?